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Call 612.568.7253 or reach us online:

Smart, trendy and

responsible design

inside and out.

Design  •  Build  •  Renovate …and Live with Paltrin.

Our Capabilities

We pride ourselves in being a well rounded and trend-forward company. We are always looking at the latest advances in the marketplace to see how we can build a better, smarter and more efficient home. Here are just a few of the areas we work in along with a deeper dive in a few we are particularly into. 

• Renovations & Additions

• Green Housing Design/Construction

• Electric Vehicle Charging

•  Local Material Sourcing

• New Construction

• Rain Gardens & Capture Systems

• Solar Clusters

• Low VOC Finishes

• EnergyStar Certification

• MN Greenpath Certification

• Passive Solar Analysis

• Energy Efficiency Modeling