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Call 612.568.7253 or reach us online:

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Our Mission and Passions as a company.


We are in the business of introducing you to your next home. Our mission as a company is to create homes that speak to people. A home is more than wood, glass and drywall. It is an evolving entity and we believe that the personality of the home, it’s features, location and flow connect it to its family and the community. We build homes that we would live in, ourselves. 

Our Passions

We realize we are creating the next generation of homes and that carries a responsibility to do things smarter, better and with the devotion we would put into our own home. Our inspiration comes from design and function. The neighborhoods we go into are researched extensively and our motivation is driven by many of the same standards we personally live by. They aren’t just novelties – they are a lifestyle to us. Building greener houses – that use less energy, run cleaner, respect their place in nature and utilize renewable materials where possible is all part of achieving that goal. We are always looking for ways to bring more to our work… for instance consider what our future projects may hold: Solar clusters, rain gardens, super-insulation and electric vehicle charging stations are just a few of the ideas we are researching. It is an exciting time to be building innovative homes with all of the possibilities out there. 

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